April 12, 2014

 Mr. B (Anubis) appreciation post.  He was totally pulling a fabio with the crazy wind we were having when I took these.  We are gonna have to shave him now that it’s getting warmer and i’m crying.

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 Perl appreciation post (featuring her boyfriend, Loki)

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April 4, 2014


by Kawashima Kotori

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March 30, 2014

Inspiration: Woodsy & Warm, A Late Summer Wedding.

Portland, Oregon


Mint Green, Chartreuse, Olive Green, Ivory, Gold, & Vintage Blues.

Better yet, a postcard for a Save the Date. Stay tuned.

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March 29, 2014

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March 25, 2014

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March 22, 2014

i’m having baby feels so hard from this set

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March 2, 2014

New studio wall art! Got some of my work printed to hang quick & dirty. (36x48 $8ea - got 6 different ones!) #photography

New studio wall art! Got some of my work printed to hang quick & dirty. (36x48 $8ea - got 6 different ones!) #photography

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February 21, 2014

So I watched that documentary last night at the Akron Art Museum.  I’ve known about her and her work since it was discovered a few years ago - I almost drove to chicago to see the first exhibition - it’s like pulling teeth to get me out of the house lately but I couldn’t refuse this free event.

It was super interesting to me, for a few different reasons. I’m a bad writer, always have been and always will be so don’t expect this to be good or even make sense.  

First of all, the Akron Art Museum always disappoints me.  And I know people who work there so if by chance they read this I apologize, I think they’re great and the fact there’s a museum is great - I just am always disappointed with the selection.  It’s like a 1/8th hits and all the rest are misses.  And it’s not because it’s not my taste.  I can’t really articulate why, it just always disappoints me.  

Second, I love my city.  Yeah, we’re not New York or Los Angeles, but fuck all that we’re cool too.  There is so much talent in Cleveland/Akron/Northeast Ohio.  I’m not sure what it is about this rust belt city that breeds so much talent.  The weather, the culture, I don’t know.  I’m talking the types of people that go out and carve their name into the world.  Even recently in photography for example, Jen Davis of Akron or Angelo Merendino of Cleveland.   Some serious talent comes out of this area.  I was really glad there were selections from those people in the tiny portrait gallery in the museum.

(If you have not seen their work, please check it out.  Jen’s is so intimate/moving and you may cry like a baby when looking at Angelo’s project.)  

About the documentary - I think people are more fascinated by the thought OF a person, unraveling a mystery, speculating about the whys for themselves to make sense of either this world or a piece of themselves - than the reality of the person.  I think if Vivian didn’t die before her work was discovered it would be really different.  People would see her, how she wanted to show herself - be angry at the spotlight or embrace it in a way people aren’t expecting, her history in her words not just her images, it would be a lot different.  I’m NOT saying her work would have ANY less merit than it does.  She was incredible and there’s no denying it.  I’m saying that I think this whole thing is a lot bigger because she was so spectacular and people are allowed to humanize her in their own way which was probably the best thing to make her name lasting and remembered.

It’s like when you go to the wizards castle in Oz and just find the wizard is a normal person.

People like wizards.  

I think what I saw in her was the drive.  This uncompromising drive to shoot, to do.  So much money invested, so much time.  Was it was her pattern for coping with life?   I wish I would have known why she did it, why she seemed so untiring in going out and shooting a roll of expensive film a day.  I think this is what everyone else is wondering too.      

I know why I do what I do. It’s more like a compulsion, I don’t have a deeper meaning. I find myself in that paradox of why art is created when I compare myself to other artists, even my partner - most artists feel like they have things to say.  I guess I do, but not to anyone in particular, if that makes sense.  Just things to say to myself, if I ever decide to revisit it again. Sometimes I feel like it’s done me a disservice as an artist because i’m not putting it out there - but that can be OK too.  It’s just who I am I guess.

The major difference between what I saw and what I do is the fact I hold no preference to medium.  

I have so much archived. It’s not a storage locker because as I’ve grown up it’s morphed from books and boxes into bits and bytes.  

I don’t think her and I are the same, I just admired that uncompromising drive to do for herself and no one else and it was probably the first time I’ve ever seen it.  (nature of the beast i’d say.)  

She was an incredible talent.  The sheer amount of “hits” per roll was a direct product of her religious “doing” - you only get that good when you do one thing that much.

She didn’t need anyone to validate what she was doing.  I love the fact that everyone in that interview/articles I’ve read seems so mystified at the idea of an artist NOT needing, or wanting validation.  (I also don’t think that makes her any more of a “true artist” than other artists like some have claimed.)

I think that’s why I would like to know why she was driven to accomplish so much in a lifetime.  I don’t think you are able to devote yourself so wholly to something like that without there being a good reason.    

I know my reason, I just wonder about hers.

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February 12, 2014


Cam Damage Jason Busby

Wow this is the best set of cam damage I have seen

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